Infinity Agent -marketing company-


Strategy × Operation × Creativity

In only a few years, we moved to the top alongside other companies as a digital marketing company.
We have been improving the effectiveness of the advertising by allocating a budge of over 3 billion yen.
We actively show our expertise by utilizing our own media and YouTube.
In order to eliminate personalization from advertising management, we will use our own development tool called "infinity scope," then make customers' businesses successful with people x digital.
After obtaining GAIQ (Google Analytics Certifications), we will continue to provide appropriate solutions.

Operational Advertising

All-in-one digital marketing support

For companies, we do strategy planning, operation, and improvement based on analysis and the production of creative advertisements.
This consists of at least three people: the strategist, planner, and director.
Traditional advertising operations are conducted by each company. For example, the consultation company develops a strategy, the advertising company conducts operations and the creation of advertisements.
In this company, we think it is necessary to turn PDCA at high speed for sales expansion of customers and problem-solving, so we have a support system to commit to producing results.


Infinity Scope

This marketing tool uses the logic of success derived from our company, which has earned more than 3 billion yen in advertising budget in six years.
By eliminating personalization from management of advertising, we can improve the effectiveness of advertising.


Infinity agent LAB

This is a media site that provides the latest information on digital advertising for advertising operators.
In addition to digital advertising information, we distribute different kinds of advertisements, such as banners and graphics.

Infinity Channel

Infinity Channel

This is a YouTube channel with the concept of "Communicate the infinite possibilities of Web marketing" centered on video distribution related to digital advertising.
We provide easy-to-understand information about digital advertising for all beginners and intermediates.

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