Infinity Agent -marketing company-


Revolutionizing the 6.5 trillion yen renovation market

We provide services to make people's lives more comfortable and safe.
We offer our own long-term warranty and regular maintenance service, and provide a full range of services, from proposals and advice on finance methods, subsidy consulting, construction, and after-sales services throughout Japan.
We propose the best plan to meet your ideal lifestyle based on your needs.


Renove-StationThe EC site for eco-friendly products such as storage batteries

This is an EC site that assists the remodeling of products such as solar panels and storage batteries, which are essential for reducing utility costs, and exterior wall painting, which is necessary for a comfortable home.
In the sale of housing equipment, in which we have been engaged since our founding, we have succeeded in minimizing our purchasing costs by utilizing our own routes.
In addition, by using digital marketing, we are able to reduce the cost of attracting customers and operations, and optimize operations through in-house construction to offer the best price to our customers.
As useful contents, we will continue to expand various services for the development of the industry in order to provide useful information on subsidies and housing and to eliminate information asymmetry.

Renoste Channel

Renoste ChannelEco-Products
Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel is based on the concept of "understanding in 5 minutes," and focuses on providing videos about renovation knowledge of eco-friendly products such as storage batteries and solar power generation, as well as reducing utility costs.
We use simple examples so that anyone can understand.


D2CD2C Storage Battery System

We are developing our own storage battery systems by utilizing the knowledge we have gained so far.
We are developing the INFINITY series, a storage battery brand that utilizes the latest technology and AI, by combining the know-how we have gained from selling and installing a variety of storage battery systems.

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