Infinity Agent -marketing company-


Organization ChartGeneral Meeting of Shareholders

Organization Chart


Name of business establishment
Infinity Agent, Inc.
May 15, 2015
¥60 million (as of the end of June 2021)
Sales figures
¥2.19 billion (6th term of 2020)
Accounting period
Representative Director Yuhei Okada
Authorization number
Paid Employment Placement License 13-ユ-309944
Privacymark controller number 21004472 (02)
Money Lender Registration Number
Governor of Tokyo (1) No. 31833
Residential land and building transactions
Trade License Number Tokyo Governor (1) No. 106343
Number of employees
63 people (as of the end of June 2021)
Affiliated credit information agency
Japan Credit Information Corporation (JICC)
Trading financial institution
Mizuho Bank Oku Branch
Chiba Bank Matsudo Branch
Shoko Chukin Tokyo Branch
Affiliated organization
26th Director of EO Tokyo CentralGeneral Incorporated Association
6th Director of Fintech Association General Incorporated Association
Audit corporation
ES Next Audit Corporation
Corporation lawyer
Abe, Ikubo and Katayama Law Firm
Consulting company worker
Garbera Partners, a social insurance consultant
Business description
Digital marketing business
Digital marketing support that provides “strategy x operation x creativity” simultaneously
Saas-type service in the Martech area
Infinity Scope」Development, maintenance, and operation of “Infinity Scope”
Digital advertising for advertising operators
Up-to-date media
Operation of "Infinity-Agent Lab"

Fintech business
Mortgage consulting service
Operation of “Housing Loan Stations
real estate investment loan consulting service
Operation of “Real Estate Investment Loan Station
Mortgage refinancing DX tool
Development, maintenance and operation of “KARIKARU
Mortgage refinancing Saas service
Development, maintenance and operation of “KARIKARU for Business

Renovation-tech business
EC site for renovation products such as batteries
Operation of “Renovation Station
YouTube channel summarizing easy-to-understand eco-friendly product information
Operation of
Linoste Channel
+81-3-6910-0840 (Representative)

#3F Daiwa3chomebiru
3-2-3 Kandajimbocho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 101-0051

Tokyo Metro Jinbocho Station[A2]2-minute walk from exit Tokyo Metro Kudanshita Station[5] 3-minute walk from Exit

OfficeOffice scenery

Office scenery Office scenery

Infinity Agent, Inc.

#3F Daiwa3chomebiru
3-2-3 Kandajimbocho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 101-0051

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