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01Knowledge across business divisions Knowledge sharing is possible

Through the support work of Infinity Agent in the digital marketing business, we will accumulate success stories and failure stories in each industry.
For clients, it is possible to horizontally develop successful experiences, increase the probability of success, eliminate wasteful costs, and achieve business success in the shortest time possible.
In addition, by utilizing the success cases and failure cases cultivated in the Digital Marketing Division for other businesses of our company, and by utilizing the success cases and failure cases of our own services in the digital marketing business, we will cross the divisions. It is possible to circulate success patterns.

Knowledge across business divisions Knowledge sharing is possible

02Equipped with thorough "standardization" and "systematization" Operational excellence

Infinity Agent has eliminated "personalization" and has continued "standardization" and "systematization" since its establishment. We are "verbalizing" and promoting "manualization" in all operations.
In addition, we will actively invest in systems, and divide the work between the value that can be maximized through the intervention of people and the value that can be performed accurately without mistakes through the intervention of the system. It coexists.
We will continue to pursue operational excellence in order to improve the quality of service to our customers and to establish a solid foundation on an organizational basis rather than on an individual basis.

Equipped with thorough standardization and systematization Operational excellence

03One-stop solution

At Infinity Agent, specialists from various fields gather to establish an in-house organizational structure at a rapid pace. From planning, development, and design to marketing, sales, and even construction.
By completing everything in-house, knowledge will be accumulated and it will be possible to run the PDCA cycle at high speed. Furthermore, by cutting the margin cost generated by outsourcing, it is possible to provide services to customers at a reasonable price.
Focusing on the strengths of Infinity Agents, "digital marketing" and "sales," we will continue to enhance our strength as members and organizations with highly specialized occupations.

One-stop solution

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